The problem with Joomla! 1.0

Joomla is a CMS with traditions. Version 1.0 has been released in 2005, and three years later the support has been dropped.

While this was a sound technical decision, it's troublesome for thousands of businesses who have trusted Joomla and built their websites using 1.0. There is no way to upgrade to 1.5 without basicaly redoing the site from scratch. Some companies switched to the new version, but not everyone is willing to invest into major redesign of their website every three years.


Joomla, as any other piece of software exposed to the internet, has security issues found on a regular basis. In actively supported software this is not a big deal, updates are released that fix these bugs. In Joomla 1.0, however, your website is an easy attack target. Not only can attackers deface your website, but also many others on your server.


Because of the forementioned security issues, many hosting companies don't want Joomla 1.0 websites on their machines, because they are a threat for other customers. This makes life even harder for website owners.


Joomla 1.0 does not work with the latest version of PHP, 7.0. More and more web hosts are replacing older versions of PHP with 7.0 for security and efficiency reasons, breaking compatibility with Joomla 1.0.

Solution: secure Joomla 1.0 hosting

We have developed a secure platform for hosting Joomla 1.0. We're basing on standard tools: Apache, PHP, MySQL and LXC to provide best Joomla 1.0 support possible.


We will lock your website against modifications. The most common result of break-ins to Joomla websites is that the attacker modifies PHP and HTML files to include a link to some virus or Viagra website. After all the files are locked, it's impossible for him to change anything even if he manages to break in.

We may lock the website completely, so nothing can be changed using the administrator panel, or partially, so that editing articles and adding/removing images is possible (and nothing else). In both cases, we will provide you with the instructions on how to unlock your site for the time of editing, and how to lock it again.

Additionally, your website will be put behind a Web Application Firewall to protect it from known attack vectors.


The websites are in separated containers (VPS servers), so if one of them is defaced, that's it, no other website will be touched by the attacker.


When moving your wesite, we will patch it so it works with latest version of PHP. This way, you will be running cutting edge server software even though you're using Joomla 1.0.


If you choose to only partially lock your website, it may happen that an attacker breaks in and does something nasty. It's not a problem, though, because you have access to daily backups and you're able to restore your whole server with one click.


As a side effect of the technology we're running, your website should also run much faster than it used to on a shared hosting platform. In standard shared hosting, a single customer with a busy site can take down whole server, with all other users' websites. This does not happen with hosting based on virtualization, which is part of our offer.


If anything happens to your website, we will help you without additional fees. If you need help with something else, we're here to help too, as part of our professional services.

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